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From leadership + team-building workshops to private wedding dance lessons, I provide an impactful, joyful experience of connection, communication, comfort and confidence-building through a non-traditional, holistic approach to partner dance.

Welcome to Cori-ography Dance

Not your traditional dance instructor

Hi! I’m Cori (she/they)- welcome to my fun, queer, neurospicy, dance/music/education-lover, values-based corner of the partner dance industry: Cori-ography Dance!  I'm a partner dance educator and the creatrix of Cori-ography Dance.  


Cori-ography Dance is all about connection-

how we learn from it, how we grow from it, and guiding people through experiencing and creating it. 

It's a practice of the art of conversation, communication and collaboration. 


Partner Dance is a form of social bonding across cultures and history and I'm committed to exploring how people can grow when they experience partner dance skills through that lens and creating shifts in the industry by honoring those roots. 

You ever see people dancing together and realize what is catching your eye is the synergy they seem to be moving with?  No one is speaking, but they seem to be totally in sync- it's striking, it seems to be a magic that these special beings must only have with each other? 

That's connection. 

But what people misunderstand is that it must be an illusive, special magic that only some may have-

it is magic, but it can in fact be felt and harnessed by anyone

I believe this connection is the most alchemizing element in partner dance- and that by exploring it, it can have impacts well outside the bounds of a dance floor.  It can be found in any relationship- not just romantic ones.

I specialize in demystifying this connection and letting people experience what it means to create and have access to this synergy and through this experience, learn about themselves and their partners- whether stranger, friend, coworker, or loved one- and what it really means to be a 'leader' or a 'follower'...on and off the dance floor.

I work with:

  • Wedding couples to learn their perfect first dances whether that means super basic, low key, just surviving the dance floor without feeling cripplingly awkward or a fully choreographed performance piece. 

  • Groups at conferences, events, and in corporate teams to explore and create engaging, interactive discussions about leadership, teamwork, and collaborative dynamics using fundamental but simple partner exercises. 

  • Couples in healing spaces and couples retreats to experience an intimate sense of connection and partnership. 

  • Performers to create the most impactful performances and feel their most confident on stage. 

  • Partner Dance Professionals to help them grow as business owners and educators. 

I'm not your traditional dance instructor. 

I am a teacher and educator, choreographer, performer, dancer and artist

and I'm also a healer, a change-maker, a coach and a confidant.

I pride myself on my human-first, holistic teaching methods and socially conscious business practices.  

I set out to create the antithesis of traditional ballroom dance studios which means:

  • Teaching techniques that create more progress and honor a student's goals + needs ahead of selling them more lessons

  • Transparent sales systems that don't create high stress or pressure on wedding couples (you just want to get through a first dance without feeling like an a-hole and stepping on your partner, got it- I don't need to open your eyes to the magic of Tango and 5 other styles...let's just learn some solid partner dance fundamentals and keep eyes on the prize)

  • Identity-considerate instruction and choreography for students in the LGBTQIA+ community

  • Honoring the socially significant origins of these dances to divest from the commodification of these culturally important art forms  

I can't wait to meet you and see how partner dance can help you grow!

I invite you to click below to learn more about me, my methodology, and get in touch!


I provide an array of services aimed at bringing the unique joy, connectivity, and communication skill sets found in partner dance to many people through diverse applications.

For Wedding Couples


Private Wedding Dance Lessons

I help couples who want to learn first dances for their weddings in a comfortable and connected way and whom don't feel a traditional studio environment is for them.  I LOVE working with total beginners and even people who are nervous about dancing for their wedding. From super simple to show-stoppers, I love creating first dances that meet your needs and goals while taking all the wedding logistics into consideration.  Private lessons are in-home or in a teaching space in Greater Hartford, CT Area.  Available for a limited time only.

599990522 - 0538.jpg

Private Queer + Gay Wedding Dance Lessons

Traditional partner dance instruction environments, choreography, and wedding culture are often not equitable or considerate of the needs of couples in the LGBTQIA+ Community.  I help couples who want to learn first dances for their weddings in a comfortable and connected way whom don't feel a traditional studio environment is for them.  I provide queer and gay wedding friendly dance lessons that are identity-considerate.  Private lessons are in-home or in a teaching space in Greater Hartford, CT Area.  Available for a limited time only.

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Online Wedding Dance Courses

When you're not looking for anything more than getting through your first dance without feeling like an a-hole and you're looking to save money, the online courses are a great way for wedding couples to get high-quality partner dance instruction without a big budget for private dance lessons.  If you don't have access to a partner dance studio that fits your needs- this is a great solution to prepare for your big day all from the comfort and safety of your own home. Free youtube wedding tutorials will have you fighting in no time- we can do better on a budget.

Coming Soon! 

For Conferences, Retreats + Events


Leadership + Team Building Workshops

Through simple partnered exercises used to explore connection and communication via the lens of partner dance, groups are able to engage with one another in a fun, dynamic and immersive activity while we collectively explore the dynamics of leadership and collaboration.

I love guiding these unique workshops at conferences, events, corporate retreats and even small work team settings to facilitate an interesting examination of topics such as leadership, team building, and what it means to truly meet in the middle to achieve a shared goal.


Couple's Connect Workshops

A wonderful workshop in couples' healing spaces and retreats, the Couple's Connect Workshops use simple, partnered, kinetic exercises to explore communication, partnership and teamwork dynamics, and create an intimate energetic connection.  This fun, dynamic and engaging activity through the lens of partner dance give couples space to use active listening skills and be considerate of each other's needs and roles as they work to meet in the middle and use connection to achieve a shared goal.  The attentiveness required has left many couples saying they felt moved by the experience.

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Women's Empowerment Workshops

Part of my commitment to shifting the partner dance industry has been to make sure we break down the outdated gender roles presented throughout partner dances- prevalent across many cultures socially as well as the commercialized side of it.  For women, exploring the abilities and skills from both a 'lead' and 'follow' perspective has many empowering aspects such as learning to trust their own leadership instincts and building confidence in leaning in to what they need to give or get in order to communicate effectively.  Over my 16 years in this practice, I frequently find that women are actually more attuned to leading than their male counterparts- let's explore further what super powers as women assist us in this magic.

For Professionals


Performance Coaching

A seasoned performer across a variety of disciplines- music, stage, and dance- I LOVE helping other performers perfect their stage craft.  Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Musical Theater Artists-Connecting as an artist to the music, lyrics, movements, space and audience all to deliver a fantastically engaging show is my love langauge. 

If you have an upcoming performance and you want to elevate and uplift your audience engagement, delivery, visuals and presence, and stage craft reach out to get some eagle-eyed input and give your best performance yet.


 Business + Teacher Coaching + Consulting for Teachers, Studio Owners, Industry Profesionals

If you're a heart-centered and socially-conscious partner/ballroom/wedding dance industry entrepreneur or professional and you're feeling like your teaching and business models that maybe don't feel quite aligned for you, I'm here to help.  I help studio owners (especially you independent feisty ones), wedding dance or event choreographers, or ballroom and partner dance teachers find teaching methods, sales practices, marketing strategies, and a business model that feels better for you and better serves your clients.  I know working in the industry can be a lonely experience especially if you're an independent biz owner and having a coach and support system who's been there, done that can help us grow without so much struggle.  I've helped other independent owners grow their brands to large shares of major markets while feeling fulfilled and I'd love to help you do the same.

A Limited Time Offer for Wedding Couples in Greater Hartford, CT:
Completely Private + Customized Wedding Dance Lessons

Great dance education with an educator with 16 years of wedding expertise all from the comfort of your home with no commute (or a private studio space if you want to drive!).  My mission is to give you all the good stuff without the stuff you don't want or need. No pushy sales managers, no extras- just straight-forward, fun, professional, high quality dance education in straight-forward packages created with an in-depth knowledge of learning curves and wedding timelines.  I work with all levels of dancer but I truly love and specialize in helping brand new beginner partner dancers feel comfortable, confident and connected.  My goal is for your wedding dance lessons to be the most fun part of your wedding planning!


Completely Private

No sharing a big dance floor with other dancers or competing with the distraction of music from multiple lessons. 

I offer lessons from the comfort of your own home, my small home studio, or rental studio. These simple environments offer you completely private spaces where you can be relaxed and focused.


Personalized for You

From low-key, intimate and relaxed to real show-stoppers, and a lot of "just not the awkward high-school sway", your perfect first dance taught to you in a way that takes your learning styles and needs into account.


Great for Total Beginners or those who are nervous

I teach all levels of dancer- but I LOVE and specialize in working with beginners.  If you're nervous about dancing, I like to help offer ways to find some comfort and confidence for your first dance.

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Simple, Straight-forward packages designed for your wedding

After 15 years of weddings, lesson packages are curated around expert knowledge of wedding timelines, learning curves, and goals you have for your first dance.  Curriculums are just what is needed to get you feeling good for your big day on time.

Private Lessons in Home or in Studio

Serving most of Hartford County, Connecticut

West Hartford, Bloomfield, Hartford, Granby, Windsor, Avon, Simsbury, Wethersfield, Canton, Farmington

Find our your recommended packages by submitting your wedding form!


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