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Private Wedding Dance Lessons

Best Dance Lessons in the Greater Hartford, CT Area...

in a completely private, comfy way

Your Perfect First Dance Awaits

Dancing by nature is SO personal.
I love making the way you learn exactly that.

From low-key, intimate, and relaxed to fully-choreographed show-stoppers and a lot of

'we just don't want to look like a-holes out there' simplicity...

your first dance + your lessons should be unique to you.

                                        Hi and welcome to Cori-ography Dance! I'm Cori and I teach wedding couples their perfect first dances                                          and make dance fun and accessible to beginners (and even people seriously freaked out about dancing) with a focus on connection, communication, and personalizing the instruction and dance itself to you!


I recently moved to Bloomfield, CT after nearly a decade of running my boutique wedding dance studio- The First Dance Place by Cori-ography- in San Diego which came to be the top-rated and go-to place for wedding couples in SoCal and now I'm so excited to bring my expertise to the wonderful couples here in my home state of Connecticut! 

Couples have such a wide variety of goals for their first dances:

Some want to wow their guests;

Some want to elevate their skills from 'the high school sway' and create a low-key, organic, intimate but relaxing first dance where they're not stressing trying to remember moves;

and many, MANY people just want some basic skills to be comfortable, get over some fears they have about dancing in front of guests and simply request help to not feel awkward on their big day.

Whatever your perfect first dance is for you, I'd love to help you achieve it.

My approach to dance education is very different than a traditional dance studio. 

If you're a couple preparing for the big day and a traditional dance studio is not your jam, I'm now accepting clients for private lessons in The Greater Hartford Area.

Choose from 15 years of professional dance education + wedding expertise right from the comfort of your own home or in a teaching space! 

Simply click the button below to tell me about yourselves and your big day

and join the hundreds of couples who have loved the Cori-ography way.

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Cori-ography is for you if:

  • You want an instructor who will really listen to what you're looking for in your wedding dance and teach what you need, not what they prefer

  • You want a low-pressure, low-stress experience from purchasing lessons thru learning process

  • You want to look + feel natural, comfortable, + confident...(not hella-awkward)

  • You want identity-considerate instruction + choreo

  • You don't want to (necessarily) leave the house.  No commute or parking? WIN. I teach in-home lessons as long as your space allows.

  • Traditional dance studios don't sound like they're for you

  • You want to avoid having a break down over your first dance- let's have fun instead!

Not Your Traditional Dance Studio

  • No big, formal, intimidating, overwhelming traditional learning environment

  • No trying to learn while multiple other teachers and dancers dance around you

  • No trying to learn while different music is playing

  • No competition-geared instruction or choreo (it's your wedding, there's no judges... unless your fam is anything like mine. Okay, well... there's no trophies.)

  • No pushy sales managers or pressure

  • No extras you don't need like group class or needing to awaken you to the 'magic of Tango' even though it has nothing to do with your first dance

  • No instructors showing off to make you feel like you have a long way to go or are inadequate

  • No gender-normative/heterocentric instruction or choreo

With Cori-ography,
you get:

  • Professional, expert dance instruction + wedding focused know-how customized to you: your goals, needs, wants, learning styles, wedding logistics + timeline.

  • Down-to-earth, easy-to-absorb dance instruction of moves that make sense for your vibe, your song, your wedding floor and outfits. 

  • Good, foundational partner dance skills so you can be comfortable, confident and connected when you're dancing with your loved one at your wedding.

  • Comfortable, relaxed and focused completely private learning environment- you don't even have to leave the house! Choose from In-Home Lessons or in a secondary teaching space.

  • Recommendations for just the right amount of lessons to realistically work on your timeline and for your first dance wants- not a bunch of extras and no pressure sales techniques. I've been doing this a long time and my Wedding Intake Process gives me a pretty good insight into how many lessons a couple needs and how to plan curriculum for it.

  • Inclusive identity-considerate instruction + choreo

  • Have fun, connect with your partner + learn a lot. I hope for you "this was the best part of wedding planning"!


How It Works

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Step 1- Submit Your Form

Submit your Wedding Couple Intake Form to say hi and tell me about yourselves, your big day and what you're looking for.

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Step 2- Personalized Recommendations

I'll send you my recommendations of packages that best fit the goals you've shared + ask some follow up questions.  We'll chat about what space would be best for you- my antidote to big traditional studios are completely private, comfortable spaces where you can be relaxed and focused. I offer either private lessons in the comfort of your own home or coming to one of my teaching spaces in West Hartford or Bloomfield.


Step 3- Choose what feels good and book!

Select the package that sounds best to you if you're ready to get started or if you want to do a test drive first, book your Starter Lesson + Wedding Consultation.  Merabel- my front desk wizard- will get you checked out and booked for either your first lesson of your package or your starter lesson.

When we meet, I'm going to bring you through my Wedding Couple Intake System so we can firm up details about your project, talk all things music, venue, outfits, logistics and by the end I'll have a curriculum planned especially for you and we'll get dancing! 

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Some dances can be accomplished in 5 lessons and some need 15. 

Submit your wedding couples form to find out your personalized package recommendations that fit your goals.

Private Lesson Packages start at $600.  Lessons generally range between $90 and $130 per session.


Forgot to book and in a hurry to get your lessons in?

I got you. I also offer Emergency Lessons. 

Fill out your form for a personalized quote.

Private Lessons in Home or in Studio

Serving most of Hartford County, Connecticut

West Hartford, Bloomfield, Hartford, Granby, Windsor, Avon, Simsbury, Wethersfield, Canton, Farmington

Find our your recommended packages by submitting your wedding form!


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